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$12.99 /month

$64.99 /6 months -10%
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$167.99 /year -20%

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Features Basic Standard Premium
Products 50 250
Users 1000
Orders per month 500 2000
Platforms 1 2
Posts 5 15
Staff members
Integrations with CRM (Bitrix CRM, AmoCRM, MoySklad,
Integrations with SMS services
Integrations with CMS (OpenCart)
Public API
Telegram web app
Online payments in bot
$12.99 /month $17.99 /month $25.99 /month


What tariff is activated at registration?

The Basic tariff will be enabled for new accounts with a 30-day trial period

What will happen when the trial period expires?

You will receive a notification by email 3 days before your trial period ends. If your account balance is too low for your tariff, your account will be blocked until you add more funds.

Which payment systems does Botifi support?

You can top up your Botifi balance with Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Uzcard and Humo