Integration Botifi with AmoCRM

What is AmoCRM?#


AmoCRM is a cloud service for automating work with clients. Positions itself as "CRM for sales departments".

amoCRM is suitable for a business with a systematic sales cycle and clear stages of bringing a client to a purchase. The system can systematize the work of companies with a large and extensive sales department. Well suited for companies B2B and B2C market, with remote specialists. It can be used on any device with an internet connection. more

Available integration features#

  • Orders are transferred as Deals to AmoCRM
  • Synchronization of the stage (status) of deals (orders)
  • Synchronization of goods and contacts (when creating orders)

What data is needed for integration?#

  1. Secret key
  2. Integration ID
  3. Subdomain (
  4. ID of the funnel for deals
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